The great equalizer

First time back in rifle since the very beginning of September. I haven’t been wanting to come to grips with the unfortunate reality of being a weekend warrior. But I couldn’t stay away any longer.

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the latest musings

perspective is a funny thing.  i have been spending more time down at the new river wall again.  it seems to come and go.  the climbing down there is so much fun and the stone is pretty damn good.  opportunities abound for training and breaking into new grades.  but it can also be very intimidating.  it’s very high profile, since it shares the same parking lot as a lot of easier crags.  and it’s notoriously difficult, with nothing easier than 5.12-. Continue reading

looking back at the summer of george, now 1 year removed

what a difference 1 year makes.  this time last year i was coming off of a successful month in maple canyon, and gearing up for 2 solid months in rifle.  my fitness was at an all time high.  flash forward to today, and i’m pretty beat down physically a lot of the time.  since sending ‘public enemy’, there hasn’t been a whole lot of activity (1 13b and 1 13a…)

so while climbing hasn’t been a huge priority lately, it has given me the chance to reflect on how special and amazing my ‘summer of george’ was (for me, anyway), strictly from a climbing perspective.  so here goes… Continue reading

blog stats – who knew

as i sit here at home, on a rest day, i decided to look at some of the stats for my blog.  the one i was most curious about was ‘search terms’.  in other words, what were people typing into google that allowed them to come across my blog.  now i must confess, i had recently perused a few of them the other day, and my friend tim, who works at the gym with me, suggested that i list my favorites.  i thought this was a great idea, and am now just getting around to it.  so without further ado, my favorite search terms that led people here (in no particular order): Continue reading

on my way to being back in the game!

felt really good to clip some chains today!  hiked back up to the slab today with g-money and rylan to try to put down ‘s00pr kr33m’.  i was feeling rather optimistic after the last time.   Continue reading

wow, it’s been a minute…

it has been quite a while since my last update.  mainly because i haven’t really been climbing a whole lot.  on the routesetting front, my impact driver/wrench died, forcing me to set with a hand wrench.  by the end of the week it’s crippling.   Continue reading

mixin’ it up

i know i have been saying that i’m all about clear creek lately.  and i have been.  but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.  most (if not all) of my time has been spent there recently (about 2 months?) and i feel like i need a change of scenery.  i don’t want to burn out on clear creek again, so i need to pace myself.

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