about me

my name is jamie.  i am a mediocre climber.  i started this blog in may or june of 2011, in anticipation of moving to rifle, co for 3 months, living in my car, and climbing a lot.  i wanted to document my little journey, no matter how mundane it was going to be or may have been.

now i use this forum to document my climbing life here in the front range, to rant and rave about things, and to post pretty pictures from time to time.

i quit a corporate job in the spring of 2007, started working at a climbing gym, and began climbing full time.  i haven’t regretted my decision to leave the ‘9 to 5’ once.  being a routesetter at a climbing gym has its bad moments right along with the good.  but all in all, i think things are pretty good these days.  i still enjoy climbing rocks, so i’m ok.

i’m also trying to figure out a way (or ways) to have a legit go at the ‘professional climber’ thing.  pipedream?  perhaps.  but i’ll at least have fun trying.

wow, i lost my train of thought.  any-who, enjoy the blog, and hope to see you out there!


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